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 We are a Husband & Wife team of owners located in the heart of Dutch Amish Country in Beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who own & run a Model Management Firm Diamond Eyes International. We have a really large family and we LOVE to travel. We became frustrated with the quality of everyday skin care products that our family (Household) members were using and we've heard much of the same frustrations from others. We started paying much closer attention to labels and product ingredients list (it became tedious and a bit obsessive) so we simply decided to stop complaining and take some serious action........ We started making our own everyday products (Soaps, lotion, Body powder, healing salve, deodorant etc...) we shared our products with people and started getting such positive feedback from everyone especially Models (who put their skin through so much more) and as a result Diamond Eyes Inlt Beauty was born. ​

With all the traveling we had done and had still yet to do, We would use the first hand knowledge that we've gained from countless vacations and suddenly our getaway's and vacations had become extremely fun RESEARCH. 

As we traveled the world we learned about lots of different exotic fruits, herbs, nuts and botanicals that are effective for beauty care and anti aging. Along our paths we've gained first hand knowledge of some beauty secretes from various cultures and traditions from all around the world. 

Incorporated with these beauty secretes, Diamond Eyes Intl Beauty was launched with the focus of creating the best natural skin and hair care products that are both effective and environmentally sustainable. ​Our handcrafted exceptionally luxurious formulas with a difference you can feel contain naturally sourced ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are all free of sulfates, parabens, harsh preservatives, phthalates and cruelty. 

Core Values
Our Core Values and faithful Beliefs provide the foundation for how we operate as an organization. We place great emphasis on these values and beliefs and accept that they are the foundation for how we serve our customers, fellow Natural Handmade Associates, Suppliers, and the community. We believe to be successful it is essential for people and organizations to know where we stand and what we stand for.

Integrity will not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential to our business success. We deal fairly in all of our business relationships.

Our customers are the very essence of our business. We work hard to satisfy their needs. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be satisfied.

We are a part of our community. We act as a good neighbor through our involvement and support of community activities. We are fully committed to protecting the community, the environment, and other natural resources by operating in a safe, responsible, and reliable manner.

Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away.  

Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.